Tax Compliance & Obligations

Let’s demystify the tax labyrinth and guide you through compliance and obligations. No capes or magic wands—just practical advice.

Tax Compliance: The Foundation

Tax laws are like shifting sands—always changing. My job? Stay updated, interpret the legalese, and keep you on the right side of the tax tracks.

CEO Guidance: The Nitty-Gritty

Tax Planning: We’re architects of tax efficiency. Together, we strategize: How to minimize taxes legally; Which deductions and credits fit your business; Estimated tax payments—no surprises, no penalties.

Record Keeping: Think of it as tax hygiene. Proper records = Smooth tax filing and guard against audits.

Filing Tax Returns: Accurate returns, timely submissions: No last-minute scrambles; No tax ghosts haunting your balance sheet.

VAT and PAYE Compliance: These acronyms matter: VAT: Value Added Tax; PAYE: Pay-As-You-Earn; We navigate thresholds, deadlines, and paperwork.

Tax Obligations: The CEO’s Compass

Corporate Tax: The Big Picture: We discuss Company tax returns (ITR14); Dividends tax—yes, even dividends have a tax tag.

Employee-Related Taxes: The People Factor: PAYE: Deducting employee income tax; UIF: Unemployment Insurance Fund contributions.

Risk Management: The Safety Net

I’m your tax safety net: Ethical boundaries—no grey areas; Reporting obligations if things get murky.

Remember, taxes aren’t a solo act. Let’s waltz through the tax maze together—no jargon, just clarity.



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